Mindfulness and Everyday Life

16-05-2018, 12:48 | Lezersnieuws |


donderdag 17 mei 2018, 20:00


Stationsstraat 32
THUIS Wageningen

Dit is een Engelstalige cursus, voor de Nederlandse cursus zie: https://www.facebook.com/events/225066948226824/ -To ensure your attendance, please write to: n.ordovasgarcia@gmail.com. Thanks!- Connect with yourself, to reconnect with what surrounds you. Mindfulness can seem an exotic word, overexploited everywhere, heard many times, practiced all over the world. However, in these series of workshops at Thuis we will aim to explain what is behind Mindfulness, in order to allow participants to use it also in their everyday lives. We will remarkably exercise our minds and learn to re-focus, will mix a bit of theory and apply it with practical exercises. You just have to make space for yourself -and only for yourself- for an hour and a half.

The workshops will be facilitated by Nereida, who is a Psychologist and Mindfulness facilitator.

The cost of each session will be 5 euros per person.